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BartkoZankel Attorney Heads The Law Center To Prevent Gun Violence

Shortly after the massacre of eight people at another law firm [Pettit & Martin] in July 1993, several lawyers from that firm and other firms in San Francisco formed Legal Community Against Violence to do something about the pervasive gun violence in America.  BartkoZankel attorney, Bill Edlund, was on the original Steering Committee of LCAV and has served as Director ever since.  As President of LCAV in 2012, he leads the organization, now known as the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.  It has become the premier provider of legal services on gun violence prevention projects, the key clearinghouse for information about federal and state firearms law and Second Amendment litigation throughout the nation, and the only organization that is exclusively dedicated to providing legal services to legislators on the state and municipal level who want to enact smart gun laws and stop the epidemic of gun violence in America.  That epidemic results in over 30,000 annual gun deaths and over 70,000 non‑fatal injuries in the United States every year.  Edlund presided over the 19th Anniversary Dinner in June where the speakers were United States Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy (serving her eighth term representing Long Island’s 4th Congressional District) and David Hemenway, Professor at Harvard School of Public Health, the leading authority on the major public health issue created by the relationship between gun ownership and deaths and injuries due to firearms.