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Rob Bunzel’s Series On Trial Lessons Continues with a Review of Courtroom Warrior: The Combative Career of William Travers Jerome in the Daily Journal

by Robert H. Bunzel

May 22, 2020 – This article by Rob Bunzel containing an important lesson for trial lawyers from great books in the Edlund library appeared in the Daily Journal.  This article concerns “Courtroom Warrior: The Combative Career of William Travers Jerome,” by Richard O’Connor (Little Brown & Company, 1963), who was an actor, newspaper reporter and author of some 60 books, mostly lively biographies.  View a pdf copy of the article in its entirety.

San Francisco attorney Bill Edlund (Pillsbury Madison & Sutro 1956-1999 and Bartko Bunzel & Miller 1999-2016) passed in December 2016, and his daughter Cami gave our firm his legal library collected over 60+ years.  The collection contains first-edition and hardbound biographies and histories of great trials, trial lawyers, judges and courts from England and the United States.