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Bartko IP & Brand Protection | Supply Chain Security Attorneys

Patrick M. Ryan, Chair

Areas of IP & Brand Protection | Supply Chain Security Practice

Intellectual Property Investigations, and Enforcement: Civil and Criminal

  • Trade Secrets Protection Counseling, Investigations, Litigation and Criminal Referrals
  • Trademark Counseling, Investigations, Litigation, and Criminal Referrals
  • Copyright and Anti-Piracy Enforcement
  • Customs strategies and processes to protect intellectual property and control counterfeit and grey product

Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations and Enforcement: Civil and Criminal

  • Brand Protection Counseling, Investigations, Litigation, and Criminal Referrals
  • Direct Experience Running Corporate Brand Protection Programs
  • Global Investigations
  • Online Trade Board Monitoring
  • Metrics and Budget Consulting
  • Anti-counterfeiting Technology Solutions

Grey Market Investigations and Enforcement: Civil and Criminal Investigations and Enforcement

  • Grey Market Analysis
  • Channel Compliance Consulting and Audits
  • Sales, Discount, and Warranty Fraud
  • Grey Market Technology Solutions
  • Distribution Channel Integrity Programs
  • Technological Solutions Designed for Your Business Requirements

Supply Chain Security Investigations and Consulting

  • Supply Chain and Manufacturing Expertise
  • Global Supply Chain and Factory Investigations
  • Security Gap Identification and Consulting for Your Supply Chain
  • Technology Solutions Designed for Your Business Requirements

Bartko’s IP Security & Brand Protection Group Focus

Bartko’s seasoned team of subject matter experts can quickly respond to the needs of global brands to protect their IP across the globe.

The practice group addresses IP Security within corporations, Brand Protection (both counterfeiting and grey market) as well as global supply chains from manufacturing to delivery to end-users. The purpose of the IP Security Practice Group is to allow corporations access to a deep pool of experienced investigators, as well as, legal and compliance experts that have direct and relevant experience addressing these issues globally.

Bartko is one of the few firms that has hands on experience working these types of issues on a global basis. When these issues come up, it is usually outside counsel or a designated in-house counsel, who have limited hands on experience conducting investigations in a factory, on a channel partner or with governmental entities in foreign countries that are tasked with handling the issue.

We bring that hands on experience in partnership with internal resources to help secure our clients’ IP.

The IP Security and Brand Protection Group not only conducts investigations and risk assessments, but creates and implements risk mitigation strategies. We don’t just put out the fires, but make sure there are systems in place so that the risk is minimized or eliminated entirely.

Why it is Critical to Protect IP Before it is Stolen

In a trade secret theft case, it’s absolutely essential to demonstrate to a judge or jury that the company took reasonable steps to protect its trade secrets. If information is stolen, the defendant will argue that the secrets were not adequately protected.

Trade secret plaintiffs need to be prepared to prove that they took reasonable steps to protect their IP.

Our team will design a solution that will provide the company with proof that it reasonably protects its trade secrets.

Additional IP Security & Brand Protection Focus Areas

The Group also utilizes a suite of technology solutions to identify and mitigate IP Security vulnerabilities within the corporation and along the supply chain. Our team of experts can identify the issues that can be addressed by implementing a custom or off-the-shelf technological solution, then make recommendations on how best to deploy the solution for maximum impact.

This approach allows the team to identify areas of risk that need to be addressed immediately, handle complex large scale investigations globally, and critically, implement technological solutions that allow client to proactively identify issues and address them in real time.