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Lawyers: Put down the electronic legal menu for just a moment

by Robert H. Bunzel

October 1, 2018 – San Francisco lawyer’s lawyer Bill Edlund (Pillsbury Madison & Sutro 1956-1999 and Bartko Bunzel & Miller 1999-2016) died on Christmas Eve two years ago.  Bill’s daughter Cami gave our firm his legal library collected over 60+ years.  The collection contains first-edition and hardbound biographies and histories of great trials, trial lawyers, judges and courts from England and the United States.

This article urges lawyers to put down for a moment the electronic legal menus we now rely on, check out some of these volumes, and immerse yourselves in remarkable trials past. The common law lives in these stories, and the psychological and legal burdens that trial lawyers today deal with are not new: giants before us walked the walk. View the PDF article in its entirety.