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Bartko Ranked No. 3 out of Top 100 Verdicts in the United States

Bartko ranked Number 3 in the Top 100 Verdicts for 2018 published by The National Law Journal (June, 2019) and had the highest ranked intellectual property victory in the United States for 2018. In November 2018, with a final un-appealed judgment entered in May of 2019, Bartko secured an $845,114,000.00 victory in Santa Clara County Superior Court. (See attached award (PDF) from the National Law Journal).

The trial from Bartko was led by Patrick M. Ryan, and he and Stephen Steinberg, Sean McTigue, and Brian Smith all examined witnesses and gave argument during the trial, supported by Bartko attorneys Joseph Fraresso and Chad DeVeaux.

Every year, The National Law Journal’s VerdictSearch affiliate scours the nation’s court records in search of the largest verdicts; it also consults with practitioners and with additional ALM Media LLC publications.