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Bartko Wins Massive $845 Million Trade Secret Verdict for ASML

February 19, 2020 – Bartko scored the highest Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets victory in California in 2019 and was ranked Number 2 overall in the California Daily Journal’s Top Verdicts (PDF) by Dollar in California for 2019. In May of 2019, Bartko secured an $845,114,000.00 victory in Santa Clara County Superior Court. Patrick M. Ryan is quoted as saying: “One thing that’s always a challenge in a trade secret or intellectual property trial is the need to make complex technology simple and easy to understand for the jury.” Also, Patrick stated: “Over the course of the trial, we really went through the technology and explained how it worked and why it was important, and the jury really got it.”

The trial team from Bartko was led by Patrick M. Ryan, and he and Stephen Steinberg, Sean McTigue, and Brian Smith all examined witnesses and gave argument during the trial, supported by Bartko attorneys Joseph Fraresso and Chad DeVeaux.