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Ben Riley Speaks About Federal Vaccine Injury Cases

August 2021

On August 5, 2021, Ben Riley spoke on a Bar Association of San Francisco panel about Vaccine-Related Legal Issues concerning production, administration, and litigation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine-related issues have been elevated to front page news. As the international scientific community races to develop safe and effective vaccines, debates rage about the government taking over private manufacturing facilities for production of critical medical equipment and vaccines, employers mandating vaccination for its employees, and disease and disability claims arising from vaccines. Professor Dan Farber from Berkeley Law addressed the Defense Production Act and limits on the government’s ability to use private facilities for the public good, while Steve Hirschfeld spoke on employment law issues relating to vaccination requirements and status.

Ben Riley, a principal with Bartko and member of the Executive Committee, lectured on the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (the “Act”), a 1986 federal statutory compensation system for children and adults who contract disease or disability from childhood vaccines. Mr. Riley was one of first attorneys to litigate under the Act, successfully representing two children who contracted polio from the polio vaccine. Ben spoke on the background and purpose of the Act, litigation procedures and steps in the federal vaccine compensation courts (U.S. Court of Federal Claims), and types and amounts of compensation awarded by the Vaccine Court Special Masters. He also addressed anticipated future developments and claims as the Covid vaccines become specifically listed under the Act and litigated. A link to the program’s promotional flier may be found here.

Attorneys contemplating filing a claim under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act are welcome to contact Ben as an informational source.