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Rob Bunzel’s Series on Trial Lessons Continues with a Fourth Review of “Courtroom warrior: The combative career of William Travers Jerome” by Richard O’Connor

San Francisco lawyer’s lawyer Bill Edlund (Pillsbury Madison & Sutro 1956-1999 and Bartko Bunzel & Miller 1999-2016) died on Christmas Eve over three years ago.  Bill’s daughter Cami gave our firm his legal library collected over 60+ years.  The collection contains first-edition and hardbound biographies and histories of great trials, trial lawyers, judges and courts from England and the United States.

This is the fourth installment for the Daily Journal of histories for trial lawyers from the shelves of law-related books left to my firm by Bill Edlund.  The wisdom Bill curated is the basis for this series.  This article concerns “Courtroom warrior: The combative career of William Travers Jerome,” by Richard O’Connor (Little Brown & Company, 1963), who was an actor, newspaper reporter and author of some 60 books, mostly lively biographies. View the attached pdf copy to read the article in its entirety.