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Rob Bunzel’s Series On Trial Lessons Continues with Review of The Trial of Jack Ruby in the Daily Journal

San Francisco attorney Bill Edlund (Pillsbury Madison & Sutro 1956-1999 and Bartko Bunzel & Miller 1999-2016) passed in December 2016, and his daughter Cami gave our firm his legal library collected over 60+ years.  The collection contains first-edition and hardbound biographies and histories of great trials, trial lawyers, judges and courts from England and the United States.

On October 1, 2018 and again on June 10, 2019, articles by Rob Bunzel containing lessons for trial lawyers from great books in the Edlund library appeared in the Daily Journal. Mel Belli represented Jack Ruby on trial for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald in 1964 in Dallas.  Belli angered Dallas and tried to hit a home run with an insanity defense.  Ruby was convicted and sentenced to death. The current article is a review of the 1965 book The Trial of Jack Ruby by law professors John Kaplan and Jon Walz about how the trial went so wrong for the defense.  View the PDF article in its entirety.