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The Return of Winter: How Federal Law Enforcement, with Assistance from a Private Foundation, Recovered Nazi-Looted Art

February 23, 2021

J. Eric Bartko, Director of Investigations for Bartko Bunzel & Miller, the Gari Melchers Home and Studio, and the Department of Justice gather for a webinar hosted by the Gari Melchers Home and Studio intended to educate the public in relation to the complicated issues surrounding Nazi Looted Art and its recovery.

After locating a looted painting in upstate New York, the Mosse Art Restitution Project, operated by Bartko Bunzel & Miller, sought and obtained the aid of the Northern District of New York in assuring the appropriate restitution of the Melchers painting “Winter” to the Mosse heirs.

To learn more about the Mosse Art Restitution Project, please click here to listen to an interview with J. Eric Bartko on the Warfare of Art & Law podcast.